Become a VintageLCD Seller




After years of paying large amounts of money to auction sites in fees I decided to build a shop as you can see it got a little out of hand and is now a marketplace for collectors of vintage lcd equipment. For me, primarily its for watches but I will shortly expand it for the LCD game and calculator collectors(if you have knowledge of either of these areas and would like to advise me on what information would be needed in your lisingsthat would be useful).


What am I offering?

For a yearly subscription of 25 you can advertise as many LCD watches, games or calculators as you like for as long as you like(as long as you have membership). There will be no final fee for sold items just your annual subscription fee.

Also available is a mini-mart where you can sell up to 5 different items at a time for 5.00 a yearly subscription, great for the tinkerer as its a lot more cost effective than the auction sites fees. let me know if you are interested in this as It is still a work in progress and ill ill let you know when its live.


What do you need to offer?

This is a collector only site. I dont want businesses flogging off items they know nothing about I want true collectors. So if you want to become a member you'll have to let me know a little about yourself and your collection nothing personal but enough to satisfy me you are a genuine collector.